Welcome to the Scout4Soccer software website

Scout4Soccer is the new way to simply and reliably record the numbers of a football game.

Scout4Soccer is designed to match to all levels of soccer clubs, from schooners, youth categories, amateur teams and professionals. The software can be configured to collect data in a simplified way thus allowing a beginner to do scouting, but can also be configured to be a sophisticated collector of all numbers in the game.

The purpose of the software is to help identify and enhance talents. The numbers can help a lot in the identification and / or confirmation of talents, provided they are collected in a uniform way and used in a way relative to the time of participation of each athlete in the training and games for any comparison between athletes.
To help in this identification of talents, the software allows the consultation of major game events, such as passes, finalizations, disarmings, etc., along with the video of the event, enabling the generation of the movie with the best events of a certain athlete or time as a whole practically automatically, with only one revision for the insertion of subtitles, etc.

The software facilitates the coach’s work in the improvement of talents by making it possible to identify technical deficiencies of the players or team, as well as variations in performance and allows the exchange of short messages associated with game events in order to enable a better communication coach x athlete. The athlete can see on his or her smartphone or tablet game events commented on by the trainer that have been directed at him, the whole team or the group of players of a certain position.

For more information, contact info@scout4soccer.com